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Cooling Tower Accessories

  • Get the Advantage of everything needed to complete your water treatment installation.
  • A broad line of accessories is available to finish the job!
  • Bypass Feeders

    Bypass Feeders

    Chemical addition and filtering Bypass Feeders are designed to provide a dependable means of introducing treatment chemicals into hot and cold water or other liquid streams with a large filtration capacity. Bypass Feeders are rated to 300 PSI (20.7...

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  • Corrosion Loop Guard

    Corrosion Loop Guard CLG units provide a professional approach to corrosion monitoring and control. Combined with separately-ordered, real-time NANO-M corrosion monitors and/or other feed equipment for automated feed of closed loop treatment. All models...

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  • Coupon Rack Parts

    Coupon Rack Parts

    Advantage coupon racks are mounted on a polyethylene panel with inlet and outlet ball valves for easy installation. Standard 3/4” & 1” PVC models use our unique quick disconnect coupon holders. Additional corrosion coupon rack parts can...

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  • Economy Glycol Feeder

    Economy Glycol Feeder

    EGF glycol systems feed systems provide a compact wall-mountable tank with 30 GPD @ 100 PSI pump with prime function, 6-30 PSI switch, low level shut-off, pressure gauge,and 1/4 brass plumbing in one economical package.

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  • Glycol Feeder

    Glycol Feeder for Closed Loop Systems

    Our glycol feeders maintain a consistent pressure in closed loop systems automatically feeding based on a pressure drop. Digitally displays the actual pressure of the loop and has a user settable control point for pump activation and pressure relief. The...

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  • Advantage Water Signal Splitter

    Signal Splitters

    Signal splitters for contacting head water meters that converts one switch closure into two. Enables one contacting head water meter to work with two or three metering pumps or timers. Be sure to select the SP2 or SP3 depending on if you want to split 2...

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