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NOTE: All controller products are built to order. This means there WILL be a lead time when you place your order. Please consult with the factory if you are concerned about the lead time or would like to know what that lead time is. On average the lead time for controllers will run 3 to 7 days while pumps run 2 to 5 days. is not responsible for late shipments from Advantage Controls. Any returned items will be charged a 25% restocking fee.

Manufacturer’s Product Warranty
Advantage Controls warrants control systems of its manufacture to be free of defects in material or workmanship. Liability under this policy extends for 24 months from date of installation (sensors are not included). Liability is limited to repair or replacement of any failed equipment or part proven defective in material or workmanship upon manufacturer’s examination. Removal and installation costs are not included under this warranty. Manufacturer’s liability shall never exceed the selling price of equipment or part in question. Advantage disclaims all liability for damage caused by its products by improper installation, maintenance, use or attempts to operate products beyond their intended functionality, intentionally or otherwise, or any unauthorized repair. Advantage is not responsible for damages, injuries or expense incurred through the use of its products. The above warranty is in lieu of other warranties, either expressed or implied. No agent of ours is authorized to provide any warranty other than the above.

30 Day Billing Memo Policy
Advantage Controls maintains a unique factory exchange program to ensure uninterrupted service with minimum downtime. If your controller malfunctions, call 1-918-686-6211 (international customers dial +1918 686-6211), and provide our technician with Model and Serial Number information. If he is unable to diagnose and solve your problem over the phone, a fully warranted replacement unit will be shipped, usually within 48 hours, on a 30 Day Billing Memo. This service requires a purchase order and the replacement unit is billed to your regular account for payment. The replacement unit will be billed at current list price for that model less any applicable resale discount. Upon return of your old unit, credit will be issued to your account if the unit is in warranty. If the unit is out of warranty or the damage not covered, a partial credit will be applied based upon a prorated replacement price schedule dependent on the age of the unit. Any exchange covers only the controller or pump. Electrodes and other external accessories are not included.

Custom Orders
You may require a custom order for the product you are seeking. Please reach out to us by submitting your request below and we will reach back out to you as soon as possible with a quote or to process your order.