Repair Options

Repair Options and Fees

Advantage Controls is proud to offer a two year warranty on all controllers and metering pumps. We back this warranty up with a unique 30 day replacement memo policy. If something happens to your unit after it is out-of-warranty, we still want to help.

Call our technical support staff with the model, serial number and problem of your unit. If we are unable to fix the unit through troubleshooting, we will give you an RMA (return materials authorization) number to send the unit in. The different styles of units (Megatron, MICROtron, Nanotron controllers and pump) each have a Repair List Price. Normal replacement items are not included (i.e. probes, flow switches, liquid ends)

  • Pump Repair Charges

    Pump Repair Charges

    Repair Charges Advantage keeps pump repair simple with a flat fee that includes a new head kit assembly (no tubing, foot or injection fitting). Prices below are for Kynar heads and Teflon seats, add prices shown on page 4 for other head and fitting...

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