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Let us do your plumbing!

We have several standard and custom pre-fab options starting around $100.00 to save you time and money.

Advantage Controls' prefabricated systems simplify the installation of your water treatment control equipment saving time and money.

Standard and custom configurations are available with many options to give your installation a high quality professional appearance.

All Prefabs Please Note:

• Controller, pumps, and bleed valves are ordered separately. Panel dimensions may vary depending upon options and controller selections.

• If ordering option “C” for probes, a 3/4” PVC 90° flow tee is automatically included on 3/4” & 1” PVC loops. If a 1” PVC straight flow tee is needed, add a 1 to start the # sequence (i.e. C12 for 1” flow tee and two 3/4” probe tees) and add $28.00 to list price. If no 3/4” PVC 90° flow tee is desired, add a 0 to start the # sequence (i.e. C02).

Note: The option “C” should only be used if the number of probe tees desired is different than what the
controller on the order comes with or if no controller is on the order. The option “C” used will reflect the total
number of tees included (i.e. C3 will provide three probe tees on the prefab not counting the flow switch tee).